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I work as a certified genetic counselor.  After graduating from Western, I completed a specialized 2-year Master's program in genetic counseling at Wayne State University, and became certified by the American Board of Genetic Counseling.  I currently work in a university health center in reproductive genetics.  I see women and couples, both in the preconception and prenatal period.  I take a family history and review the results of genetic screening tests with patients.  I educate them about their chances of having a child with a genetic or inherited condition, discuss the features of that condition, and offer possible diagnostic testing options.  I work closely with Maternal-Fetal Medicine specialists and OB ultrasound technicians.  As a genetic counselor, I take a non-directive approach in helping a patient or couple determine what information is valuable to them, address psychosocial issues, and support their decisions regarding building their family.  I find it to be an extremely rewarding job! 

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