Jocelyn Auger - Health Science

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After my undergrad, I went to Althouse to complete my Bachelor of Education. I then began my teaching career in Toronto. The first few years of teaching were incredibly busy and the learning curve was crazy steep! I have been teaching since '02 with two maternity leaves in there. I have now moved out of the classroom and into a board-level position where I'm a student researcher. The actual title is Student Work Study Teacher (SWST) which is a Ministry of Education funded position. I work with Level 2 Students (60s) to figure out what their road blocks to success are. I share this information with their classroom teacher, and together, we put together a game plan to help him/her to succeed. This is a stepping stone for me, as I have finished my Principal's Qualifications and will be heading down that route when our kids are a little bit older. Go Mustangs!

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